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At BHR DESIGN BD, We pride ourselves on being a trustworthy world class global sourcing organization, able to offer customized service to retailers, importers and distributors. If you have sourcing needs, but you don’t’ have a sourcing office in Asia and you don’t want to rely on traders BHR DESIGN BD can take care of your needs offering an end to end sourcing service, from vendor selection, factory audit, price negotiation, quality assurance and shipment, with the highest standards on the market. Email for inquary:



* Excellent customer service.

* Good team work with positive attitude.

* Offering outstanding quality accessories.

* Faster delivery.

* Effective and professional service.



* To deal fairly, openly and honestly with all employees, customers and suppliers.

* To always obtain the best value from the resources available.



* To avoid any dislocation and misunderstanding between inter department of factory and office.

* To maintain good healthy and harmonious interpersonal relationship inside the organization.

* Maintain good Working Environment for better productivity.