Quality Control


BHR DESIGN BD has an experienced team in overseas of quality control inspectors who conduct audits of all factories on a continual basis. Every production run is inspected and controlled from fabric to cartons. All inspections are carried out accordingly to the client's quality standards.

Along with conducting audits for shipments to our customers we also provide our services as an independent quality auditor for other clients who may need these services.

BHR DESIGN BD has the experience necessary to move shipments through the ports, whether by sea or air.


Quality Issues:

* Follow up QC. team and given guide line for trained & force factory people to ensure good quality product as well as inspection procedure.

* Communicate with QC team and Factory on all issues.

* Double check and verification all daily reports and send to factory QM & Merchandisers.

AQL Follow:

Military Standard For Fabric inspection:4.0, Inline Inspection and Pre-Final Inspection:1.5 and Final Inspection:2.5 but please note that we do not consider carton & packaging any one major defects we must be consider in ''0'' Tolerance, And Failed the audit report and instructed to the factory for 100% re-checking and must offer us for re-final again. Also we are prefer if any require from buyer on them internal quality manual.

Internal Laboratory (Lab)

We are doing all bulk fabric lab in our internal lab before bulk production to make sure all bulk fabric going with good quality. As per buyer requirement.

ISO standard for Wal-Mart:

1. Fabric weight: CAN/CGSB 4.2 #5.1

2. Dimensional Stability: CAN/CGSB 4.2 #58.

3. Torquing/Skewness: AATCC 179.

4. Wicking: (after 3 washes) AATCC TS-017.

5. Colorfastness (Crocking): CAN/CGSB 4.2 #22.